Brutal Marathon Training Exercises

Just like everything else, preparing for a marathon requires patience, practice and commitment. Although you might be dedicated to your daily routine and you are determined to push your limits, you might realize that you don’t make any progress in terms of beating your running distances and times. The basics of course entail eating right, avoiding alcohol and observing discipline when working out as you train. Before you run for any workouts, it is always important to run a warm up and stretch and remember to do a cool down once you finish. Some important marathon training exercises include;

1. The Long Run

This is a very important training exercise that should be part of any distance runner who wishes to be successful. it should be well fitted in your weekly workout program in a careful and well thought manner so that it becomes productive rather than hurt you. Adding the distances should also be done gradually by following some simple steps so that you don’t push yourself beyond what your body is capable of handling.

2. The Tempo Run

This is a type of classic workout technique that marathon runners must incorporate in their weekly program. This type of run is fast, but controlled. It helps you strengthen your muscles and get you in good shape. Although marathons are known to test endurance rather than speed, all runners require top speed especially when nearing the finish and this workout prepares you for this moment.

3. The Speed Play

every workout should mix the distance runs with certain intervals of workout. You have to run continuously, but change the pace during different times in your run. You can start by running a bit slow then pick it up at a faster speed and keep interchanging the pace until you finish your training session.

4. The Hill Run

This is usually of many if not all distance runners. It helps you build endurance as you work on your speed at the same time. What you have to do is find a hilly course to tackle. The hill run is done by running up and down the same hill several times depending on the stage you are as marathon runner.

5. The Hill Extension

This is quite similar to the traditional hill run, only that you have to pick up your pace once you crest the hill. For it to be an effective workout, you have to find a hill that has a top that flattens for about 200 meters. This makes it possible for you to pick up the pace without straining your body.

6. The Progressive Run

This is a very tough workout. You start with a distance run that begins with a slow pace, but gets faster with every mile you run. The last mile as you finish should be just below your normal running pace. This exercise will take a toll on you, but it is very effective in testing your endurance, giving you self confidence and it helps you finish your marathon races stronger and faster.

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