Marathon Runners Terrible Tumbles

Everyone can run

Many individuals think they can run: which is true. To complete a marathon however is a totally different game. A number of athletes aspire to be categorised in the good-runners league. The many marathon competition assist to introduce new blood each time. However, running a marathon is a skill. You have to survive long enough to get to that finish line. Marathons cover long distances that some would not dare to walk, let alone run.

If you have not run a marathon before, the 42 kilometres can be unending. Moreover, even the trained athletes at times get overwhelmed. They experience fatigue and struggle to complete the race. If you examine some of their faces, they look like going through the worst experience of their lives. Some of the notable tumbles include:

Boston Marathon Runner

During the Boston Marathon, one of the runners fell and had to be carried to the finish line. Other four runners helped to carry the athletic to the finish line.

Austin Marathon Runner

A runner at the Boston Marathon had to crawl across the finish line. The athletic finished third but it took a lot of courage and effort to get to the finish line. It was a remarkable finish of the 2015 Austin Marathon. The runner, Hyvon Ngetich of Kenya, crawled on all fours to finish the race. She was the lead at the 23-mile mark before falling behind.
The home stretch marked the beginning of her misery. Her body got tired but she still had the will to proceed. She made it to the finish line on her hands and needs. She received quick attention from volunteers and medics.
Hyvon made it to the finish line on her own. Her crawl was brave and famous. She managed to win hearts of many with her finishing style. The bravery was beneficial to her because she won prize money that was equivalent to the second position’s amount. She crawled the last mile on Congress Avenue.
The 29 years old refused to use a wheel chair. She did not give up although her body was shutting down. Any help from others would have disqualified her.

If You Don’t Die, Win

A common saying in life is that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This does not apply to everything in life. It most certainly applies to having courage to win. There are things that can break you and it is hard to believe that physical exercise can be one of them. Research says that exercise is important yet too much is bad for your health. It is harmful to push the body beyond the breaking point.
It is strenuous to complete a marathon and several environmental and physical factors can make the experience even more daunting. The immune system also gets a beating from long, wearing workouts like marathons. However, once you start a marathon, finish it. It does not count to leave it half-way.
Still, how do you finish a race that your body has refused to? When you experience fatigue during a marathon, have a different strategy on how to finish.

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